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Monday, January 12, 2009

Stealing Time and Other Oddities

Played: various times all weekend (Fri to Sat) So I conquered the following: 1. Crawlers Nest Map Quest 2. Leveled THF to 13 3. Tried to achieve crafting levels So I'll discuss by order of list. Makes it so much easier than trying to remember which day I did what. 1. Okay I decide to finish Nest map quest. Titen (whom I wasn't talking to) was on bothering me. Trying to get my attention. So I decided to put him to work so he can leave me alone. I asked to be my tele-taxi. I only have 3 monuments left; N Gustaberg (near Bastok) and E & W Sartabarta (near Windhurst) So we do the Gusta one first since I was alreaady on airship to Bastok. I invite him to my party. I ended up going to the wrong area to get to N Gusta. I headed towards Palboro Mines thinking I was heading to Dangruff Wadi. My bad. I didn't know and he was taking his sweet old time gearing up. I had to back track. Then I found out I left clay in my mog safe so I had to go back into Bastok to mog house to retrieve it. Of course that ornery guy bitched and complain about me taking too long. Screw him, he deserves the punishment. So I finally meet up with him at entrance to Dangruff Wadi. I find out quickly when I enter that I don't have a map. Thank goodness for Titen at this point. I would never be able to get monument by myself. Anyway, that area is really pretty and you get to ride up geysers. Cool yeh. Photobucket Anyway we get into N Gusta and I get my tablet. Titen tele-holla and I grab a chocobo to Selbina. He tele-altepa then op warp to bastok and then to dunes. Of course he gets there before me. The bastard. I see the mayor and do the trade. I meet back up with Titen and he tele-mea to tahrongi. I go chocobo and he tele-altepa then op warp to bastok then op warp to e or w sartabarta (can't remember which). The ass. I'm still in Tahrongi while he's waiting for me in e sartabarta. Asshole. Let me stop moaning and groaning about op warps. I'll get them when San D ever owns them. Trust me. We get the monument there and he tele-holla me again. Both of us do the same routine. We meet up again and he tele-mea and he warps. The last monument in w or e sartabarta was annoying. Trying to find my way up cliff. Finally did and Titen now tele me to altepa with him and we choco to op. I op to San D and then to Dunes. We meet up again I had to bitch for a while about it costing 900 gil to op to San D from Altepa. I get my map but the quest is still open. Just in case I decide to do the Sauramongue Champaign or Battalia Downs monuments at a future time. He then trades me money. Hey I'm not going to look a gifft horse in the mouth. I'm going to run with it. I guess he thought I didn't have gil since I was bitching about the op warp. Lol. Whatever floats his boat. I complain about expensive things even though I can afford it. It's the jew in me. Oh well, I get richer. Yay! 2. I get on to see if my second mog safe expansion quest has triggered. To my utter disappointment, it didn't trigger. My fame is still too low. It needs to be a 5 in San D. Oh well. I was in Jeuno at that moment and decided to go to San D. So I took the airship. While I was waiting for airship I was chatting with Inchigo. He was leveling DRG. He got it to 11 already. So I agreed to join him with my THF. So when I finally made it back to San D I changed jobs. I met him at the AH in S San D. We head and kill in W Ronf. I level to 12 in W Ronf. Then we head to LaTheine. Kirinkage decided to come pl us. We met up with Cett a newbie to the game who is in my ls RBK. I powerleveled him the day before. So it was a 3 person party killing in LaTheine, then I suggested to go to the Dunes. So we head to Liz camp. Unbeknownst to me Inchi invited 3 more people and then switched me to leader. The sneaky bastard, lol. So we get party going. We don't have a mage in the party. So Kirin is left to heal us. I ended up being a puller. Challengar (one of the party members) gave me a bow and 99 arrows. That was great of him. I need to work on my archery for pulling. I did very well pulling for the party. After first round of deaths (not me though) one member left rudely. Then we started again. I leveled to 13 in the party. Photobucket It was pretty ok. I was happy because it was my first time pulling and using the cross bow. There were more deaths. I died once. Gob got me. Then I had to log at 11. 3. I decide to try to craft some more. Get levels up. Since I got some extra gil I decided to splurge. I got items to craft. I didn't level anything. It's getting boring. This leveling of crafts is annoying. I am now just waiting for someone to ask me to party with my RDM at level 48 to party so I can get skills to do my limit break 1 quest and and af2 quest. Anyway, that's my time this weekend.

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