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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Death Out of Adversity... Damn Those Beetles!

Played: 2 days various times. Day 1: I get on thinking I was going to craft. I really don't need to craft tho. I just got envious of my friends crafting and farming. It's really not my priority but alas, I want to keep up with my peers, lol. My crafting is very very low; fishing is 2 and cooking is 3. Inchigo gave me some earth crystals and my bro got me some wind crystals. So I decide to try any crafting that can use the crystals I have. I get a little bit of supplies from AH and craft away. I got my clothcraft to level 1, yay! I made 2 capes and 1 headgear. I sold them on auction. Then I found a recipe for bonecraft that I wanted to try, but I needed to get some flint stones. So I head to E Ronf to kill worms for flint stones. I get halfway point in E Ronf when Inchigo asked if I wanted to farm Wild Onions in Ranspierre's Tomb (I don't know how to spell name & I'm not going to bother try). I said sure. I told him I'd meet him on the W Ronf side by the alley between E & W Ronf. Of course you know he didn't read his log. I am sitting in W Ronf waiting for him and then he tells me that he's going to a wedding. LMAO. I'm waiting for him and he's on an airship to Bastok for a wedding. Well my bro was fishing so I asked him if wanted to come farm the wild onions with me. He said sure. However, when we got there someone cleared the place of Goblins. We did run thru the caves and my bro found the dragon den for notorious NM named Berter (or something like that). So we left. I went back to San D. killing worms for flint stones. I made 24 stone arrowheads. with the flint stones. My bro got bored and asked me to party I said sure. I suit up and then asked Kakida to party. I find another WAR, SMN and BLU. Kirin was DRG, Kakida was WAR and I of course RDM. We decide to head to Shitadel basement. That was disasterous. People were killed 3 times. I had to raise people 3 times. Then the other party that was there, died. I had to raise their WHM so she/he could raise their party. Now we (both parties) were getting creamed by beetles. Just attacked like the scarabs in the movie the mummy. 2 players had to leave, I did find another 2 players, PLD and SAM to replace. We decide to do Quicksand Caves in Western Altepa Desert. There we found out we were over our heads. So we went back to Quicksand Caves in Eastern Altepa. By time we get there, I had to go in 3 fights. For the whole party no one leveled because they died so many times. When I left party I had only 200 exp left to go to level to 48. It was a bad party. However, after I log in Jeuno, my bro said the party picked up really well after I left. That was not a good comfort. But I'm happy it turned out so well. Day 2: I get on thinking I was going to finish the Nest quest. Only 3 monuments to go. I immediately get a party. I told him that I have only an hour to play. He said that it was cool as long as I can find an replacement. I said I can try to but I may not be able to. He said okay. So I told him as we wait for party I was going to craft. So I made so sheep wool and some other stuff. I didn't level any craft though. Darn it. I also went and bought Cure IV and Protect III. I learned the Protect III right then and there. So the party is finally made and we head to the Shitadel basement (again). This time we go to another area I never been. It was close to bombs and dromas. We are doing well. I level to 48 in one fight. I was able to learn haste and Cure IV. Yay!! Now I'm 2 levels from 50 and having to do Limit Break 1 quest to get past level 50. Anyway, back to the party, 3 guys in the party was hilarious. I liked them. They kept it really funny. However, I had to leave but I did find my replacement, another RDM level 70. When I disbanded, I added the 3 people to my friends list. I warped back to Jeuno. I find I am halfway to 49 already before I log.

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