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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Missing Info ......

I don't know how I didn't remember to tell y'all that I got the Tele-Vhazl and OP Warp for Valedonia (or something like that). Well it started out as a boring day. I was just on chatting with folks. Ghostdawg said he was bored too. Then asked me if there was anything I needed to get done. I said not so much. I need the tele-crystal for Vhazl. He said come on. He'll take me. During the chats I check the conquest and I see we owned Valedonia. I asked if we can go to Xarcabard too to do a supply run. He said sure. He said they were right next door to each other. So we were in Jeuno and we decide to take airship to San D. Photobucket I get all I need for the trip. I trigger the Supply run quest for Valedonia. We go thru E Ronf to Rangumont pass. We get into Beaucedine Glacier. My first time actually going thru. I zoned in once to get Snow effect for SMN. It was snowing. Actually it wasmore like a major blizzard. 1-25-09 3 I could barely see Ghost. He came as his 75 DRG/BLU. I get the crystal & finished supply run in Xarcabard. They were just across from each other. I am so happy. I'm trying to get all the OP Warps as I can. The next day, I decide I need to get maps for up there. I didn't have them when I was up there. So I did the quests in San D to get them. Now all I need to get is the map for Rangumont Pass. That quest is in Selbina. I got a group to do that quest too. The quest requires us to go to Beaudeaux and get Quadav Charms from the NM called De'Vuy Headhunter. Everyone who was coming triggered the quest. Me when I went to trigger, I find I don't have enough fame . They said I should just come on and get the item anyway. So I did. We all met up in Beaudeaux. We were also helping someone with mission 4-1 (airship pass). So we find the NM. We had to kill it 4 times for 4 of us. This trip I learned a very important lesson. One of my LS mates, Naquel, I found out is a BOY!!!!! For months, I thought he was a she. He is a Mithra character (female only character). And the name is feminine too. I am so glad I didn't put my foot in my mouth. Anyway, that all so far for items that I may have missed in my last posts.

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