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Monday, March 1, 2010

Three By One

So it's been an interesting week. It had it's ups and downs. More downs though. FFXI has not been very kind to me in a month. While my bro, Kirinkage, has been making out like a bandit. There's no jealousy there, but I think my good fortune has wore off since I've been so busy.

So I decided since that day that Cablevison dc'd me on my way to get Charybdis for my Joyeus sword, that I was going to concentrate on getting the sword. So this is how it went down.

1st try: went to camp and I needed help because the window was close. Titen didn't come to help because of a mix up in discussion. He can't be straight forward in any reply. So I had Kirin (PLD), Frizzlefry (PLD), Crazyone (THF) and Minibasta (BRD) with me. So Charby popped and this lone character took claim. He died. However, we got 2nd claim, we all wiped. Me more than everyone else. Then first guy claimed again and died. Then we did again. We wiped again. This time Charby is just standing around while we are healing. So this Motherf----r named Caldor came in and wanted Charby too but since he came alone, how could he claim and keep Charby wihout his party? Guess, he MPK'd us!!!!! We are sitting getting back our health so he gets aggros a Devil Manta, pulls it towards us and lets it do an aoe. We all died again. This time I didn't have my reraise up because I needed MP. So Kirin hp'd and came back and raised me. Needless to say
by time we all were being raised and healed, Caldor's party arrived and were killing Charby. We were hoping they would fail but it was impossible. For a person to MPK players is the same type of person who
hang out with botters and RMTers. So one person in his party was definitely using some type of program because they were casting shadows as they are being hit. Impossble!!! They didn't even need to be healed. So we got TOD and left. But not without Mini flipping them off.

2nd try: I go to camp again with Kirin (PLD). Ishida (PLD) came too. Titen (NIN) was going to join us and then Phaet (BRD) came too. So we kill placeholders until Charby pops. Then it happened, another party
comes to camp. So it's down to who claims first. We were ever vigilant in our stake out. Alas, when Charby came we were too slow for claiming. I smeezed at the moment of materialization. Kirin's flash was too slow. So we stayed to get TOD again. This time we left disappointed but not pissed off. They were honorable and didn't do illegal tactics.

So I'm beginning to think that I'm just not destined to get a Joyeus. I want that sword tho. It would be my last sword in game.

So I decided to concentrate on Maat now. Since I can't get gear or swords, I decided to wet my hands again in getting my Maat fight done. This is my new mission among other missions.

So I buy my supplies I need and run off to face the old man. Since I'm a bit rusty, I get him to half way and was defeated. Sigh.... This old man is just a pain in my ass. I need a new testimony.

I decided I was going to level SMN some more. I get my first party in Yuhtungha Jungle. It was a LS party. It was Chayst (PLD), Frizzle (SAM), Solesiren (NIN), and a DNC (2 separate people). I was primary healer. Once I leveled to 25, SMN is hhe hottest shit around. With autorefresh, Carby is 100% free and I'm getting mp back to full. By the end of the party, I got 3-4 new avatar abilities and I gained a significant chunk into level 26.

Went to sky with Lordkaosu. He was helping me get a new RDM testimony. We killed like 5 pots without a drop. He had to leave so I left when he did. I guess I'll get it from Beaudeaux when I go get my magicite
for Windy mission 4-1.

What can I say? I went to dynamis. I haven't made up my mind yet. We did Jeuno on Sunday. This run was Kirin's first time as Main Tank. That was pretty cool. We had a first wipe at the beginning. We then I get into an argument with a guy in my party who refused to sit and heal while we were all weak. He expected to drain all my MP to cure him. That was not gonna happen. I throw him a cure 3. He died again really quick of course. He wants to be inconsiderate to the rest of our party and to me. I don't roll like that. He has to learn somehow. Why is it everyone else in the whole 2 alliances are resting but he's the dumbass still standing eating food.

Anyway, I digress. After the argument, they killed a mob wjlho dropped my gear, Duelist's Tights. It ended up being a lot battle between me and Hyolee. I WON!!!! I got my 2nd piece of gear!!! The rest of the
night 2 more duelist tights dropped, 3 blm pants dropped - 2 going to free lot and 1 whm gear dropped. Mnk, rng, and something else dropped. But it definitely was mages night.

This has been my week in review.

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