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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Imps To The Rescue

Yes I know imps are the worst enemy to deal with but let me tell you how they came to my rescue before you think I'm nuts.

See, my experience points had went to shit after my attempts at getting a Joyeus sword and doing dynamis. I went from 23k to 9k. I refuse to leveldown to 69. I absolutely refuse!!!!!  I asked my linkshell if anyone wanted a party. I didn't get a response, so I put my flag up. Yes I put it up. I haven't partied in ages.  Let's see if I remember how to.  

So I get 2 invites; a level 70 and a level 55.  So I chose the level 70 party because I knew the level 55 one would be fighting those God awful Colibris. The level 70 party was in Caedvra Mire. As usual, trying to head to camp I aggro an imp and had to zone.  Finally made it to camp to find out the party make up as follows: SCH, NIN, SAM, THF and BLU. 

This party was great. In 2 hours I got my exp back to 28k. That's more than I had when I originally leveled. That was hot!!! People had to leave so the party broke up. It was great!!! I had a good time. I was a bit rusty at first but I warmed up quickly.

Now to concentrate on Maat if I can.

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