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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What To Do?

This is pitiful how busy I've been. I am so sorry for lapses in my
posts. I didn't even celebrate my 200th post. Didn't know that I hit
this milestone. Will there be another 100 posts? Possibly.

I have not grown unintersted in FFXI. With the new stuuf happening to
the game, I'm excited to get to 99. That is if I get to 75, but that's
another story.

I am trying to get one of my real-life to join the game. I gave him a
free 30 day trial paperwork. My bro offered him in game money to join.
How about that? He offers money to my friend and not me; his own flesh
and blood.

After April 15th, hopefully I will be back in full force. Then again,
maybe not. My mom is coming up for 6 weeks starting the end of his

My next post will be some of my adventures of recent.

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