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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

From Jeuno to Bastok: A Traveler's Life

I have been on 3 times in he past 2 weeks are so. I didn't do a whole lot when I did get on.

I wouldn't really call this a game day. My bro ran up to tell me that Windy owned Qufim. Since I figured I wasn't gonna be on until Sunday for dynamis I would miss the opportunity. I ran on the game and did he supply run to Qufim.

Day 2:
I needed another a new testimony to fight the "old man." So I enlisted the help of Kirinkage, my bro. I was planning on going to Sky to farm one up, but my bro missed Sky run that day because I had him working for me. So we couldn't go to Sky. We ended up in Delkfutt Tower in
Qufim. I pulled the whole time. I didn't get a multiple pull like I did precious times. I did get aggro'd by a giga. This run went pretty smoothly though. I did raise a guy who got aggro'd by at least 5 mobs. I got my testimony in a decent amount of time.

After I got testimony, I ran to Jeuno went selling stuff to NPCs. I logged out in Jeuno.

Day 3:
Kirin and myself decided to finish the synergy quest we started a month or so ago. So we meet up in Bastok and choco to Palborough Mines. We had to mine some sand and turn it into some "mythril" something of anoher. Then we took the boat in the Mines to take us back to Bastok
really quickly. We finished the quest in Metalworks. So now I can synergize gear. However you do that? I hope I got some more fame in Bastok.

I somehow got convinced to farm. I was planning on partying to practice my skills and get exp that I lost from Charybis. Or I was going to campaign at least for exp. But I alas there I was in Zi'Tah killing bats and gobbues. I did bring my NPC out. He lasted so short because my bro was killing way too fast. Romidant did not level but he was using the weapon I bought him. At end of the night, I believe I made like 20-30k. Not bad. I have 60 slots so a lot of room for goods.


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