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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Source of Irritation

Some things that bother the crap out of me in the game:

#1 - If we in a party (no matter where and what event) and we wipe, when you get raise, sit down and heal like the rest of the party! Don't stand and expect me to waste all my MP to cure your ass!!!!!!! If that's how you're gonna play, I'm gonna leave your ass in the red!!!!!

#2 - If we in a tight spot where we need invisible and sneak, don't be cheap!! Bring your Own!! Making the mage constantly drop ours to put on yours, leads to death for us. Be considerate and bring your own.

#3 - Be prepared for events. Know what you need and what is to be done when you show up. Don't just depend on others. That's how you slow us down. We all have time constraints. Don't make all of us suffer for your incompetence. Be a boy or girl scout and be prepared!!!

That's all for now.
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