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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dual Wielding Bad Ass

I get on without any intentions. I wanted to relax a bit. I debated whether to level my NIN or BLM.  They are both subs I need to level. Bah! They don't appeal to me, but hey I have to level them to 49 now.

I decided to go NIN. I gear up. I figured I'd learn my spell, Tonko:Ichi, so I can free up space in my Mog Safe. So I head out to east Sarutabaruta after I went to AH to get tools for Tonko. I make my way to West Sarutabaruta to the OP. I kill stuff on the way. I get a page and start knocking more mobs off.  Mobs were getting too easy so I decided to head to Giddeus. I wish there was a FOV book in there. So I head down the beginning passages & tunnels taking out both Yags & Worms.

I was going to try one of the open rooms. I checked a Yag from tunnel & it read as Tough. So that was a bad idea. So I continue where I was and then my bro, Kirinkage, decided he wanted to come powerlevel me. I said sure. So when he met up w/ me in Giddeus, we decided to try the Toughs.

So this is what went down. I see one lone Yag standing by the ledge. I decided to take it on. Then next you know, as I started attack, 7 more yags from on top of the ledge joined in the fun. I thought I was going to die!!!!!! My bro is curing. I'm doing Drain Samba. Using my second weapon skill. The one that paralyzes.  Man it was an amazing battle. Little ole me was taking on 8 yags and surviving with help of a powerleveler. My chat screen was all yellow. I capped my katana skills during the whole battle. 

The battle ended with the yags dead by my katanas. But I was mortally wounded. So I needed to heal. I put on Tonko: Ichi and rested. Then it happened. I got  "Mom Aggro". She called me. So I thought it was going to be quick. Then she told me to sit down. That was a very bad sign. She not only called me, but my bro too.  Tonko don't last very long & I was hoping she would speak faster. But she kept on talking. I told her about the game & she gave me the "look". You must always obey the look, no matter how old you are, lol.

When she finished, I ran to see how dead I was. Yep, I was D.E.D. dead. Thank goodness I had FOV reraise on. I rose & ran to the tunnel. I have 16 HP to my name & a damn worm decided to aggro me. But since I'm such a bad ass, I killed it and didn't lose a HP. Once I got back to full HP unweakened, I got my ass out of Giddeus to FOV to make up the exp that I lost because of Mom Aggro. I stopped when I leveled to 12.

Kirin suggested I go grab Utsusemi: Ichi. So I change back to RDM, traded some items for fame. Then I went toNorg tostart quest then trapsed around Sea Serpent Grotto. I finish the quest and headed back to Windy after I finish learning the scroll.

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