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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's About Time....... Right?

Okay it's been a while that I have posted. This is my busy season as I stated before. Taxes and such, yay! So much for my gaming life. I'm going to break up my adventures in categories that way you can get a gist what I've been up to. There can be days in between but I'm summizing what has occurred.

I decided to try my luck at Maat again after a hiatus of trying. Itdidn't go so swell. Normally I'm close to a win, but this try was likemy first couple of runs. The minute he saw me, he didn't sleep and he thundered me and asurian fist me. Instant death. I was trying the strategy to run in sleep him then put on my buffs. This way he didn't put on any of his buffs. Well it was a great thought that didn't come into fruition.

We tried to do mission 3-5. We got Zannon and Frizzlefry to help us(me, Kirinkage, Lordkaosu and Solesiren). Our other member Gunrockwent ahead and did 3-5 the day we all did 3-3. We tried him like 5
times. We nearly won once. Sole and Kirin both fell when the floor fell away during fights. We would've tried again but most of thepeople had to go to Sky. Next time we try, we need 2 DRKs instead of one. Or a BLU. Anyone with Stun ability. Diabalos is pretty tough. But at least he's one person and not 3.

I leveled BLM to 10. I now have some intereztig spells to work with now. My BLM will be a bit gimp because I am not buying/questing anyaga spells. I may just get sleepga only. Job is only going to 37. I want retrace & warps only. Only reason I'm leveling it as a sub. That and not having to be main healer in some parties.

Skill Ups:
Been FOV'in in Terrigan with Titen while leveling Romidant. First time with Titen, he had to run to camp a turtle in Valley of Sorrows. I decided to try a bunny. Hey if I was able to handle a crab on my own, I should be able to handle a bunny right? Wrong. I had to call for help. Romidant was doing better than myself. I also think my downfall in that fight was I was not paying 100% attention to the fight. I had like 3 people sending me tells and my ls was heating up with good chatter.

The second time we were able to do 2 pages. Romi leveled to 34 (yes, Idon't level him often). My sword skill reached 203 and I learned Vorpal Blade weaponskill; even though I can't use it as a RDM. Titen said that my sword will cap at 250. 47 levels to go.

Been doing quests here and there trying to get fame, but it's moving slowly. Items for repeat quests aren't dropping. I started Synergy quest with Kirin. We never completed the quest though. I will probably get Diabalos before I get Ramuh, Ifrit, Titan and Fenrir. We do know Fenerir was going to be last anyway. Have to do fights over again. For all the standard avatars except Diabolos. I will probably help Kakida with Shiva and Garuda to get those whispers.

Haven't done dynamis in 2 weeks. Last Sunday was Qufim and I don't have access yet. The last one I believe I did was Xarcabard. Again, I didn't get anything since my gloves in Bastok. Oh well. Today there isn't any dynamis because of the Super Bowl. Hopefully at next run Ican get a piece of gear for RDM or SMN. And maybe I'll pass 3-5 by then too.

Now we come to depressing news. My internet is wonky. I am losing packets. So over past week or so we'vr been getting Dc'd a lot. So Cablevision is coming again to try to solve the issue.


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