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Friday, February 19, 2010

Trials of Life

Life has really been keeping me busy, my friends. So I will try to post weekly instead of each time I play. I really can't keep up with posting like that. Maybe after April 15th. ~.-

We did dynamis Xarcabard on Sunday past. It was not a great run. Only great thing happened was that the RDM hat dropped twice. Of course I didn't get any. My usual thing. My only displeasure with dyna. Undercover RDMs outbid me all the time. If I actually knew how many
RDMs there are I could make a decent bid.   I know other LS says you can bid on your main job gear first.

Anyway, because of he RDM hat drop drama happened in LS. 3 people left the shell over the 1st drop. If they just calmed down they could've had the second drop. Oh well, impatience does not reward. Trust me I know this by heart.

The most horrendic part of he night was that I died like 5 times. I was in DD party where I was only curing (no one needed refresh :D). Died twice in that party. Then they made me go to tank party where I had to heal and refresh all. In that party, died 3 times. I hate dying on my RDM lately.

Trying to do the next Gobbie quest and there are 2 items that I need: iolite and HQ eft skin. I know I can farm both of them. So I decided to farm the eft skin first. Titen asked if he could help. I said sure. So I assumed he would be a THF/NIN or /DNC so I didn't /THF. A 75 THF is 20 times better than THF 15, you think?

Anyway, I meet him at Bibiki Bay. He's wearing orange!!! Not a very good sign. THFs are green!! He came orange which meant he was MNK/DNC. Damn it! That means we will be at this until I
wear out or get frustratingly bored. We annihilate the place, no HQ eft skin. We attained regular eft skin. Bah!! I'll cough up the gil, unless I get a THF 75 to help me out.
2-19-10 1
2-19-10 2

Haven't tried him sorry.

I leveled my BLM to 12. I duo'd with Naquel. Haven't seen him in a while. He's no longer in my LS. He apparently ruffles some people's feathers but he don't bother me at all. I get along with everyone. Ok, mostly everyone.

We worked 2 FOV pages and made our way thru Giddeus. I was lacking gear for my BLM when we started, but I got free gear from the Yags there. Yay for free gear!! I did die once though. Had to HP and run back. Naq and I were the squishy team. He was WHM/BLM and I was the opposite. He didn't die at all.

Been trying to work the quests, but it's just not easy man. I am still in middle of synergy quest for Bastok and a quest regarding smooth stone for Windy. Getting cornettes or other items for Windy fame are not easy as for Norg. I kill every Mandragora type mob I see. I also plan on doing the quests for Tele-Mea, Tele-Dem and Drain. I believe they all are for Windy.

Haven't tried COP 3-5 again and I did start mission 4-1 Windy. Lordkaosu moved to Windy now, so maybe we can get Rank 10 together. We'll see. People like leaving me behind since I'm not on a lot.

That's it for this post. TTFN!

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AlexanderFaust said...

Hey, just letting you know, but I'm a new Elven on Siren of the Windurst Nation, right now I'm just a lvl 6 Warrior, but I was wondering if you'd know of any guilds that would accept a help a low level like myself, I am grinding a lot, but I don't mind, mostly because of the first mission, if you remember it, requires me to have a party (or I die, which I have...a lot ^-^ , but yea, luv your blog, and of yea, I'm Alexander Faust of Gaia Online, in the FFXI guild same as you, just letting you know, bye!