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Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Weekend Back In Rotation

This weekend I was able to hop back into game. Yay! So let's discuss.

What to do? I want to play but not quite ready for Maat. Need some more experience before I try again. Get my bearings on RDM again, you know. So I have 2 subs to work on for RDM: NIN and BLM. Both are level 12. However, BLM is not as dire as NIN. So my bro suggested we duo
NIN. I said fine.

As I was changing jobs a ls member, Chayst, was looking for a level 11/12 party in the dunes. I said yes of course. So did Kirin. I had to hunt for gear for my NIN. I had only level 8 gear but I need a little
bit better gear. I found some adequate gear in my storage, but it was only for my legs feet, back, hands and waist. Needed a body. So I put on my level 1 body and ran to AH to buy a body piece and some Shi-Hei
to use for my shadows. I look like I have leotards on.
I'm showing and extreme amount of legs. Worse than when I was wearing my AF legs without body on my RDM. I got a top but no Shi-Hei. Kirinkage said
he'll pick me some up.

Now I just have to get to the Dunes. As I was making preparations on getting to the dunes, a dyna ls buddy, Ryuhlu sent me a tell. So I invited him to party. He wanted to come SAM. So I change to WHM and
tele'd myself to Holla while I was naked. Didn't feel like bringing any extra clothes with me. I jump on a chocobo to Dunes. As I was riding, I saw a pixie.
You don't usually see them in the present. Only in the past.

I make it to Selbina and changed back to NIN. I so love Tonko: Ichi. I am able to run the Dunes to camp while invisible. Yay! No Leechers to mess with me. I meet up with Kirinkage and Solesiren at the opening to
cave to lizard camp. We have to fight the bats on the way thru tunnel. We all meet up at the book by zone to Konschtat. The party was as follows: me NIN/DNC, Chayst SAM/DNC, Ryuhlu SAM, Solesiren PLD/WAR, Kirinkage NIN/WAR and a person named Enjo as WHM. So we level sync when everyone gets here. We grab page 2 from Fov book and start killing.

After a while we changed camps, then Kirin and Sole had to leave but we got replacements: Drizzy THF and Kingbobby COR. Ryuhlu came back as PLD. By this time I was already level 14. Was working to get 15.
Time was growing short and we changed camps once again. We got another page from book: crabs and flies. We were taking on crabs at oasis. Then King dc'd on us. So we decided to try one fly to see if we could
manage it. It nearly killed us. So we called it a night. I didn't get 15 but I only needed 400 exp to get it.

I get on early to get my 15 on NIN. I asked ls if anyone wanted to duo but I get no response so I head out to Giddeus. As I was running there, the LS started harping and ganging up on a friend of mine, Sbrightblade (SBB). They were messing with him, calling him names and all sorts of things. I did not like it at all. It really bothered me. Now most of the people who were harping on them didn't even know him. Granted SBB is a huge, I mean HUGE, flirt. You really can't take him seriously. He's a nice guy to me and has helped me out a lot. He says hello to me all the time and we have convos all the time. He's never really done or said anything obscebe to me. I believe I met him within the 1st month of playing this game and I have written about him too. But it all stems from one person in LS who doesn't get along within to get a pack mentality going. I don't like
that kind of mess or drama. I say if you have a problem with a person let it stay with you and let everyone else make their own judgements on that person. This whole convo turned my tummy and start looking at everything without blinders on. I still like my LS, but did not like this crap at all.

Anyway, I digress. I reached Giddeus in no time at all. I started killing yags at the start but something wasn't right. My exp was not moving. I noticed this about the 8th yag I killed. So I checked the next one. It was Too Weak to Be Worthwhile. LMAO. So I made my way to the open area in the south where te yags read Easy Prey. Within couple of kills I finally leveled to 15. Yeah baby, 22 more levels to go. So I decided to make a cushion so if I die I won't level down. So that's more killing. Then I got myself into a bad predicament. I went to kill one yag and I was ambushed!! 4 others joined the fight. So of course I died. But where I died I was still surrounded by yags. I had to wait until their backs were turned to raise. I immediate cast Tonko and ran
for my life. I sat and rested. I didn't lose too much exp and I had a cushion still. I made my way back to my mog house because my mom and I were heading to Home Depot. When I got to my mog house I changed into my RDM for Dynamis then op'd to Beaucedine.
I left my character there for dynamis and left for the depot.

I return to game just in time for dynamis. I was put in BLM party. We were going for win. I died 4 times towards the end. We were getting the last NMs before boss. This is where it gets hilarious. So a wyverm
was beating up on my party member so I healed her and was killed by said wyverm. As I died, one of the NMs that was awake charmed everyone except for Crim. So everyone was aimed to take Crim down. The scene was hilarious. You see Crim running for his life and a massive group of characters in a bunch chasing him and then behind him the NM was following. It was f'in hilarious. Man I was in stitches. I tried to take screenshots of it but the pic I got they were too far away to really see it.

My boy, Frizzlefry, died more times that I could count, and always in middle of me casting a spell. However, dying 4 times, I never lost any exp. I have the same exp that I came in with. I didn't get any raise 3s. Just my standard Reraise 1. Wonder if it was a glitch or if squeenix changed something. Oh well, whatever it was, it was great for me.

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