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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mighty Divine

So i made no plans to get on game today. I had a really late night last night. Didn't come home until 4 am this morning. All I wanted to do was nap all day. So I am laying down on my couch trying to take a nap when my brother thunders upstairs telling me they are doing "Divine Might/Ark Angels" ZM mission. I said it's okay, I'll get it another time. He left me alone.

I fall asleep again. Don't know for how long, but my brother, came thundering upstairs again and wakes me up about this mission again. I grumbled at him saying, leave me alone I'm sleeping. I turn my back to him and he leaves again.

I fall back asleep but for how long? I don't know. My brother came back to wake me up about the mission for the 3rd time!!! This is becoming an annoying pattern. So I said fine, I get up off of my couch and head to my bedroom where my PS3 is located, and turned on the game. I run to Sky where the mission takes place. Before I get there, I had to get ready. More like wake up.

I op to Zi'tah. I am running to Ro'maeve (however you spell it). As I'm running, I read in chat "Bastet casts Shock". WTH?!? I didn't think that was for me. I didn't hear an aggro sound. So I keep running. The shock spell didn't hurt me. I am still making my way to Ro, then my chat filter read "Bastet casts Thundaga III". Once again I was not injured. But now I actually believe this mob is after me. I never get aggro'd in Zi'tah!!!! I decide I wasn't going to fight and continued on running. My bro kept telling me to turn and look at what this mob is. I had no intention of doing that. It must be an NM to aggro me. I am still running when it cast Burst on me. That one did hurt me. That means he's catching up to me. I continue to run. He managed to get 2 more spells off before I zoned: choke and thundaga III again.

I am now in Ro'maeve. I had my bro come direct me to hall of gods. I get to Sky, get my cut scene and make my way to the group. They put me in the BLM party. We got 18 people to do this mission. We start this mission. We have to fight 5 crystal versions of the races of Vana'diel. I died 2 or 3 times. But in the end, we won. Everyone ran to get their earrings. I just warped back to Windy. I didn't know what earring I wanted. I have to do some research on it. I went back to my couch and finished my nap.

I woke sometime later and found the game on still. So I decided to see if anyone wanted to duo with me. Chayst said he would. But when I arrived in Qufim, He said he needed to do some BCNMs first. So I op
back to Windy and logged off. I hate soloing.

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