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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Burn Party Newb

So I've been playing on and off. I believe the last time I said I got my DRG to 24. I have conditions to when I play: my fiancé is at work or he's off playing Phantasy Star. Any other time is not do-able. We are planning for a wedding. However, most of the planning will start up in January.

So the last time I got on I was soloing in Battalia Downs. I never got to finish my page because I couldn't find any flies. I was also selling gear in Jeuno. My brother, Kirinkage, has returned to the game. He has taken up doing burn parties. So he encouraged me to join one. I hopped on and made my way to Gusgen Mines after a battle with my computer.

I have never been in a burn party before. However, this new type of party includes some new features that the game provides. You choose a page from the FOV book and set it to repeat. Then you join a party, more like alliance, and you level sync to the lowest person. You fight and fight and don't realize when you level. By time I had to get off, I gained 4 levels. I was on for maybe 2 hours and I'm being generous with that time.

10-27-11 2
10-27-11 1

I had died twice in this party. 1 time because I was being attacked and a Mage couldn't toggle to me in time. I died again while I was resting up from being killed. This little Taru got aggro'd. Instead of running to DD's for help, he ran right towards the rest of he mages, in which I was healing behind. Smart move. Anyway, at some point I was given lead to my party in the alliance. I then had to deal with idiots who don't listen.

Overall the party was successful. I will do this again, definitely. Getting subjobs up and getting levels on main jobs. I will have to skill up somewhere after though. You don't get skill ups in Burn parties unfortunately, unless you are the person being sync'd to. I may want to do a raid in level 30 areas. That may be more fruitful. Let's see if I can make that happen when I do hit 30. The problem is where can we do that? I don't know a level 30 hideyhole. Maybe top floor Garlaige. We'll see.

Until next time.

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