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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Couple of Days Back

So I was able to play twice the past week. I was able to level in the Dunes. Day one I was able to duo with my old buddy Stormghost. We were in the Dunes together. He was a level higher than me but I wasn't too concerned. I made level 23. We did a page of FOV. They fixed FOV that you can set a page to autorenew. That is cool. I had to log half way too 24. I was in Charisma. Apparently half of my friends are in here. Day two I solo'd in the Dunes. I began to remember names if other friends. I found Rethem. We got to talking while I was soloing. He told me about the shell breaking up and then he told me he was in Crazyone's shell. By time he did, I had leveled to 24 and was in Jeuno gear hunting. I decided to try a page in Battalia Downs. That place is overrun by gobs and tigers. I was to kill 5 straplings and 3 mayflies. I was doing the straplings, but couldn't find any mayflies and I didn't want to run the risk of aggro. While out Minibasta came and gave me a pearl of ProclaimedInsanity. I had the pearl still. After all, it used to be my dynamis shell. Half if my friends are in this shell too. So I guess I'll be popping into both shells ocassionally. It was nice to see that people are still playing. I feel like such a newbie to game. A lot has changed apparently. I'm just working to pass limit break 5: Maat. I've been gone way too long and way too rusty to fight the old man on RDM. 36 more levels to go on DRG. I may give up on DRG and just do RDM. We'll see. Until next time. Tah tah.

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