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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Change In Plans

Played: 3 hrs Today's purpose was to go to Windhurst to get some spells I can't get in San D; Aero & Water. When I logged on I was in King Rampiert's Tomb. I was there yesterday looking for a magicked skull. I'm trying to gather all items for subjob quest. I met my bro on my way out. He knows how to get to Windh. We head towards W. Ronf from E Ronf. Then thru LaTheine to the Dunes. No killing on the way. We were on assignment. Once we get to the Dunes we make a stop at oasis. My bro said, "Why don't we party for an hour." Now I'm party leader. Besides my bro - level 15 PLD, I found a BLM, RNG, WAR, & SCH. Then I booted the BLM. He was just standing around doing nothing. Why have someone in party that does nothing. Anyhoo, we find a WHM. She had a bonus. A level 75 RDM. Since the 75 can't join party, she powerleveled us. Then our SCH had a friend stop by the oasis. This friend happened to be another level 75 WHM. . Can you imagine?!? 2 high level people helping us out. So of course we got the Incredibly Tough goblins & flies. That's when I leveled to 16. Now we are enjoying ourselves, I didn't realize we've partied for 2 hours now. Then our RNG & WHM had to go. But we were able to find another RNG & WHM. But our 2 powerlevelers had to go too. So we partied for another half hour before I started to get tired. I told them I was goin' to leave in half an hour. So our puller pulled the hardest gob in the Dunes, goblin leecher. We got our asses kicked. My bro died. The rest the party made the run to Selbina. Me, my a@@ was running in circles because my joystick got stuck. So of course, the goblin killed me. However, it benefited me at the time. I was ready to go anyway & that goblin gave me a quick direct path home to San D & I didn't level down though. I partied so long that my assignment was derailed. Never made it to Windh. But I got a scroll of Protectra though. Not like I can use it. It's a WHM spell only. More to come....

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