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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guess What??.... I'm Back!!!!

I'm signed on game for first time in a while tonight. It's was a great experience. I saw a lot of friends still on the game. That was a great to see. 

As I stated in a previous post, I'm leveling DRG to 60 or 65 to beat Maat. I don't want to do the RDM fight again. So I get on to find my macros missing. I had to back out to restore them from the server. Thank goodness they were still there.

Thus began a desperate search for gear. I changed from RDM to DRG to find I need earrings, body, hands & weapon. So I run to AH in Windy, NOTHING. I go and switch to SMN so I could go to Jeuno easily. I had to be reminded how to OP warp. I go thru Quifm to get to Jeuno.

In Qufim, I found my first asshole. I get a tell & invite for me to help this person Skill Up. It was not a question, but a demand. I ignored him. I hope I don't get any more assholes, but then again, the World Merge is happening soon & we will get a shitload of people from Diabolos server.  Anyway I digress.  I make it to Jeuno AH and there's nothing on AH there either. WTF?  Has the economy gone to hell? I did get a pair of gloves anyhow.

I sent a ls message to borrow some gear. Cyricbellheart, had a huge heart & lent me a weapon & body. I meet  him in Windy and we decide to duo in Tahrongi. We only did one page. He was level 11 and leveled twice. I leveled myself too. I didn't find out until I quit for the evening.  44 more levels to go. I have a lot to work on. Duoing with Cyric was a lot of fun.


Well that's it for now. Until my next expedition into Vana'diel.

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