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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A White Mage and a Dark Knight had a date…

story by Demicus of Siren

A White Mage and a Dark Knight had a date…
WHM: I got a date with that Dark Knight tonight...
PLD: A DRK? One of those emo knights eh? This should be interesting.
WHM: He's not emo, he's just multifaceted.
PLD: Multifaceted, you mean multi-hit weapon skill.
WHM: What?
WHM: Well anyways we're going to the Lion Springs Bar in South San D' Oria.
PLD: I danced there once.
WHM: You what?
PLD: It was for a quest, don't look at me that way.
WHM: ...
PLD: Well be careful, he's a Dark Knight, he's probably into all sorts of weird stuff, like cutting himself, and you. He'll probably try to bind you up or something.
WHM: DRK's don't get bind.
PLD: What if he's subbing rdm?
WHM: I doubt it'd land, but I'd just repose and tele the holla outta there. Maybe. Hmmm.
WHM: Well I'm gonna go on now, I'll see you later!
PLD: Atleast cast blink on yourself, sub nin or something!

Later, in South San D' Oria...

WHM: So then no sooner did I repose the Eruca, our nin slapped it with his Katana, waking it up. He claims he didn't see the spell go off but I think he just wanted to try to solo it.
DRK: I see, so tell me, have you ever found it odd that WHMs use hammers as a weapon? That's gotta hurt more than my scythe. Ironic isn't it? You heal, yet your weapon has to inflict the most excruciating pain to your foes, breaking them from the inside.
WHM: That's quite an interesting way to put it. I hadn't thought about it like that, it's rare that I get to DD though, I always have cure you guys!
DRK: Yes, as a DRK, I must confess my appreciation of you, and your job, I would not have killed even a tenth of the mobs I've killed without your ever diligent support. Still I can sense you yearn for the spilling of blood.
WHM: Heheehe, don't be silly, I heal, I don't kill...
DRK: More hollow words have never been spoken m'lady, You see, I have an abyssite of Discernment, so I can tell what you're really thinking.
WHM: OMG, are you serious?
DRK: No, but, you should've seen the look on your face.
WHM: Well, ok ok, maybe just a little... I admit, whenever I sub nin, and I put that second hammer in my hands, I feel like bashing the tar out of stuff. Its odd, but I feel like I can take on anything. I mean within reason. I secretly went out and got Reverend mail one day with a group of friends, and never told anyone outside that party.
DRK: Hmmm. The plot thickens...
WHM: Oh stop /Blush.
They both sip their ales.
WHM: So, whats with so many DRK subbing nin these days? Don't you guys love /sam?
DRK: Funny you should ask. A friend of mine told me how good his Vorpal Blade was in comparison to Guillotine, and I scoffed. But hey, with all these Over Powered Crit + and STR+ Atmas out there, I figured, why not.
Once I saw it first hand, I was impressed, so I decided  to make a sword build. Sure enough I was easilly trumping my guillotine by 1000-1500 each time, so naturally... Also /nin has so much survivability, and with magian trials I made a... My dear, I'm boring you aren't I? Come, let us talk some about something a little less rougeish.
WHM: Don't be silly, I am totally curious about this, because well, I feel its time to dust off the ole Reverend mail. /grin.
DRK: Hmmm, you know miss WHM, you strike me as one who secretly has a WAR or something up your sleeve.
WHM: /Blush.
WHM: Yeah, I also noticed you subbed rdm tonight.
DRK: /Blush. Yeah I uh was soloing something earlier.
WHM: MmmmHmmm

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