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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Job Debates

Last night my bro asked me if there was a job that I secretly wanted to play but haven't touched. That's a good question. All the jobs that I am leveling to 75 are the ones I like, RDM and SMN. I should try to at least have a dd job. So far I have leveled DRG and THF to 15. DNC to 11 and NIN 17. However, THF and DNC are considered support jobs and not DD jobs. I find NIN and THF to be very similar.

I am liking NIN but not as far as wanting to use it as a tank. I do not have /WAR nor do I intend to level it. I currently /DNC with my NIN. I like the combination. So if I take NIN past 37, I will stick with the combo. The only part of NIN that I don't like is buying all the tools to cast your spells. I'm just so used to having my mp based spells.

I don't think I'll level DRG because of thr /WAR requirement. Also, I can't control my wyvern in the extent I can can control my avatar. Meaning, I can't send it to attack and bring back a mob. THF, well Sneak Attack Trick Attack just confounds me. Pulling is ok with me tho. I do pretty well at pulling. DNC I will take to 37 if NIN goes to 75. But that's all speculation at this point.

I have not unlocked SCH, PUP, BST, or COR. I have no interest what so ever. SCH may be very interesting to others but I'm way too magey. I have SMN and RDM. 2 is enough. BST is just so...beastly, lol. To be honest, the automations for PUP scare me. So PUP is OUT. COR, besides resetting timers, I don't find them useful.

All other jobs I have unlocked because I was seeking fame. I am not interested in BRD, BLU, RNG or PLD. I am not a tank girl, so PLD is out. BRD too magey. As I said before 2 is enough. RNG hits hard but
not so much interesting. BLU, bah, just a tweeked RDM with no benefits for the party. They get to battle more.

I was interested in DRK for a minute as well as BLM for subs for dynamis but eh, not a necessity. I amcso not emo or goth so DRK really don't strike me as a viable job for me. (Just in case you missed the undertones, that was a joke.) Seriously, DRK no longer interests me. BLM was just so boring since I've done the nuking on RDM. As for now I'm pretty content with jobs I am choosing to level. My interest in the game has weened. My time has been limited tho.

Do I think I can take more than the 2 jobs to 75? Very possibly, but like any high level player, I am running out of storage. As you get higher, your gear starts to become rare/ex so you can't sell it. Nor can you send it to a mule for storage. I am not buying a storage token either. You know how many tokens I have to use in life to access stuff? Bah, an annoying piece of plastic. And when the battery dies you have to purchase a whole new one. GTFOH!!! Not me. The added security I believe is more for computer users.

Anyway, nice having this one sided conversation with you. We should do it again. Until my next post, besos.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Lord of Dynamis

This weekend was a very eventful weekend. I spent a lot of time duoing with Naquel. I also taken care of a lot of business.My plans were canceled on Friday so I came home and played the game to cool off.

On my way home, my bro told me there was some drama in his Nyzul LS. Ah the the endgame life. Always drama!!!!! Anyway once I logged in, I get to talking with Naquel. So we decide to duo. Him on his SAM and then changed to DRG and me on my SMN. I was tired of Qufim and suggested we do Battalia Downs.

So we meet up there. We meet up and sync to me. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Naquel hits extremely hard. It's actually meritted 3/4. So during duoing it's hard to cure him. He takes soooo much hate and sooooo many cures. Hard to keep him healed. So at one point, I decided to use my emperor band and I accidentally called out Romidant. Doh! But I learned something tho. I can have both Romi and Carby out at the same time. So Romi has gotten some experience, not a lot tho. So Naquel brought his out too. His is a Mithra named Fhig.
5-23-10 3

Naquel died twice. He's a good sport about it. He really a sweet guy. I got my friend SBrightBlade to come and raise Naq. After he comes and raised Naq, I believe by time he zoned into Jeuno, Naq was down again.
He got aggro while he was healing. SBB was coming back to raise, but Inchigo's friend Tokashi happened to run by and raised him. SBB then said to Naq, "Try to stay alive this time, my party's waiting for me."
Now Naq replies, "So go then, this Naq and TK's time, alone." LMAO. Anyway, I was getting sleepy and had to run off. Kirinkage ended up taking my place after his Nyzul run. I did level to 32 by time I left.

Sunday I had a big day of odds and ends. I needed to run errands (do quests), missons and selling stuff. I'm in clean up mode. I figured I do these while wait for Darksday to arrive. So Kirin tells me I should take the next quest for my NPC. Ok, the last one didn't suck but this one did. Had me run to Windy and then find food which had me all over the map. In true FFXI form, it took me pretty much 1.5 hrs of running around and I didn't have one food item, San d'Oria tea. Apparently you either have to be a Sandy Resident or have someone cook it for you. So this quest took so much of my errand running time.

Naq then also contacted me too. We decided to duo again, but this time I needed to do NIN. I needed to get the frustration off of my back. I gear up and meet Naq in Dunes. We level sync and get moving. He came as SAM again. This time out he was more careful at taking time to rest now that I can't cure him. We take on lizards. We mainly stayed near the Konshtant side of the Dunes. When Kirin got home, he decided to get me
the tea for the stupid quest. He also came to power level us. As I he was on the way, I decided to pull a bat. But this bat was a bit unusual. He hardly took a hit, then Naq went down then I went down. We both had rr on, thank goodness. Kirin found us when we were healing.
5-23-10 2
Fully healed, Naq went and attacked a lizard too close to gob camp. Needless to say we were attacked by 4 gobs. Thank goodness for Kirin. I couldn't even put on my shadows. I did level during the battle and
capped my katana skills by time we finished all the gobs. The gobs were IT to me. So we just started to take on tougher mobs. After a while, around 5, I told Naq i have to go so I can finish the quest up and get ready for dynamis.

I ran off back to Windy and gave in the goods requested. I had to go back to Jeuno and talk to Luto again. Then she sent me to find the little girl from the beginning of the NPC quests. At the end, our bond was strenghtened. We'll see how strong it is when I next call him out next time.

I ran off to Xarcabard where dynamis is being held tonight. There was a message in the ls saying we will try the Dynamis Lord tonight. I place my self at the trail markings and went to go eat dinner. When I get back we still haven't formed parties or anything. I just waiting for a while. So I decided to catch up with some bills.

So dynamis was any typical run except we concentrated on the NMs more than the regular mobs. I guess we have to defeat all the NMs for Ying and Yang to spawn. By time we made it to Ying and Yang, I died twice.
We get to Ying Yang, I died at the first attempt. After the 2 dragons went down, we decided to pull the Dynamis Lord. We had to buff all the dd's. We mages sat down to heal for a while. Then they get the dynamis lord. Everyone was trying to zerg, but DL slept everyone. So the chainspell stuns didn't go off when they wanted to. So in the end DL won. He summoned back Ying and Yang from the grave too. I only got a
picture of DL's back as he was walking away from stepping on me. I didn't have the time while nuking and curing. I was a busy woman.
5-23-10 1

Here are some better pictures that my LS mate, Clinpachi had taken. It makes me wish I was still playing on my PC. *sigh*
5-23-10 5
5-23-10 6
5-23-10 7
5-23-10 8
5-23-10 4
5-23-10 9

This is by far was a very interesting weekend. I'm looking forward to
meeting the old man, continuing to work on quests to get my fame up,
and leveling my sub and next 75.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Avatar Levels & Job Abilities

As I am leveling my SMN, I refer back to the Wiki. However, the avatar job ability & level section was a bit confusing and hard to look at. I just wanted a list by each summon without having to go to each summons page. So I drafted this up the other night. I hope this can help someone else.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goals To Date

Goals Status
Beat Maat 0/14
COP Missions 2-5 to completion on 3-5
Dynamis Buburimu Win
Dynamis Dunes Win
Dynamis Qufim Win
Dynamis Tavnazia Win
Dynamis Xarcabard Win
Join a Sky LS
Level BLM to 40 No longer interested
Level Cooking to 100 Level 4
Level DRG to 75 No longer interested
Level DRK to 40 No longer interested
Level NIN to 40 Level 15
Level RDM to 75 Level 70
Level SMN to 75 Level 29
Level WHM to 40 Level 37
Windy Missions Rank 3 to Rank 10 Rank 4
Wings of the Goddess Missions 11 to 26 Actually on Mission 8: in the Name of the Father
ZM Missions 10 to 18 On 16 - The Sealed Shrine

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Windsday's No Good For Me

I really haven't done any exciting things in the past week or so. It's been pretty standard. I have been working on some goals tho.

So i decided to try Maat again. This time I tried him on Windsday instead of my usual Darksday. I heard that casting Aero III would be more powerful on Windsday. So I tried him then. The #1 thing that happenend was that he wouldn't sleep. So I bound and silenced him. So I could get away from him. I cast Aero 3 but it didn't do any significant damage as if I'd done it on Darksday. So I repeat the bind and silence on him again since he won't sleep. I'm even wearing me enfeebling torque that was requested that I should use. I used one
vile elixir but he came unbound just as quickly and asurian fisted me to death. Oh well, I tried something new. Back to Darksday.

I've been selling gear and items that I don't need any time soon. I figure that the only things that I am going to be working on are SMN, /NIN, /DNC. I was goin to /BLM but I totally changed my mind at level 12. So I am totally selling my mage gear after I no longer need it. All other battle gear I am selling too. When and if I need them in future, I will purchase them again or go farm them in Giddeus.

I have started to craft on TigerLeigh. I have joined the cooking guild. I also decided she will not touch the gil I sent over from TK. She's gonna earn the gil from FOV or if I get supplies from TK. I need to save my gil for the overly expensive gear and accessories after 70. So TL is now level 3.

I couldn't do dynamis on Sunday. They went to Dunes. i need to find folks to help with COP 3-5. I got Kirinkage and Frizzlefry to help me and Houshisama. I need 2 stunners. Wish Demicus came on regularly.
Kadianna is gone completely. Oh well. When I find them, then I will get it done.

I trio'd with Kakida and Grayghost on my SMN. I am now 29. However, me and GG died twice but Kakida once. We attempted an NM by mistake. I was dead with one shot. Oh well. We had a pretty ok time. I really need to work on Windy, Bastok and Kazham fame. I still need Ifrit, Titan, Ramuh, Diabolos and Fenrir. I can't getthe new ones, Odin or Alexander, until I'm 75.

I have been trying to level my NPC and farm items I need. The first place we did (Kirin, Houshi and myself) did was Onzonzo. Romidant leveled to 35 there. He didn't last as long as Nanako or Houshi's NPC.
His NPC is level 61. Where as Nanako was 42. The second place I went to level was Delkfutt's Tower for my RDM testimony. He lasted a whole lot longer than ever before. He leveled to 36 in the Tower. After I
left the tower, I went to Jeuno to place stuff on AH and sell some stuff. I also did a NPC quest while I was there. I am now able to view and spend my fellowship points with Romidant. I have a bit more than
24.4k in points.

See nothing very exciting. I also got my inventory to 65 too. But I am making a commitment to kill that old man. I'm quite tired of being level 70 and being left out of things. Give me couple of months and I
will be 80, lol. I will post a progress post in couple of days.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Palling Around with Friends

When I logged onto game, my friend Naquel had sent me a tell. I was in Jeuno when I logged on. I met up with him in Lower Jeuno. I was finishing up my quest for my Gobbie Quest and puttin things on AH. He
said he was bored and looking to party but cab't get an invite. I said I could duo with him on my NIN in Buburimu Pennisula if he was game. He said sure.

Before I go any further, today I had taken off from work because the water man was coming. I was also waiting for my beautician to call me so I could get my hair braided. It's a 4 to 5 hour process. Now back
to your scheduled program.

So I run to Windy to change to my NIN. I meet up with him in Bubu. He came as WHM to my NIN. We take a page out the FOV book. We are supposed to kill 6 Sylvestres and 1 Rabbit. We take out the rabbit
first. We started on the Sylvestres.
5-14-10 - not
I think we got to 3 down before Naq went down. I tried to call for a raise. I got no answer. He asked if he should HP back. I told him no, I'll change in Mhaura and come
back to raise him. He fussed aboute losing my page for FOV. Told him not to worry about it, I can always get another page. So I throw on invisible and head off to Mhaura.

As I get 2 steps from Mhaura, I get 2 phone calls back to back. I paid the calls not as much attention as I should of. One was my mother and the other my beautician. She tells me to come and my mom said
something to effect of picking her up. So once inside Mhaura I told Naq to HP because I had to go pick up my mother. He said no problem. I then shut off the gamr with me in Mhaura.

Next day I took a little time to get my anniversary ring on both characters. I did it first on TK. I apparently talk a lot. I haven't as much as I thought. Unless this number is just between last event and this event. Then it would be way out of tune. Here are my stats and a picture of me wearing he dinner suit given for the event.
5-14-10 - not
5-14-10 - not
Now here's TL's stats. It is pretty bare but what gets me is that I died because of poison. But the stats does not reflect it in the # of K'Os. I guess it only reflects mobs killing you. Oh well. Here's her stats and pic in the dinner gear.
5-15-10 - not
5-15-10 - not

Here's a pic from last weeks Dynamis in Jeuno. It's of 2 cute tarus I know. One is the king of dynamis, lol.
5-9-10 - not

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little of This And That

 made a plan to get on fot an hour to tweak my Maat macros with my new enfeebling torque. I need to put earth staff in macro too. Need to equip it when I kite.

So I log on and my plan failed. I decided to finish up the ZM mission Ark Angels. I went to choose my earring. I took the Abyssal one. It at least gives me Int +2 and dark magic +2. So I ran to Sky. Had a little
difficulty entering Romeave (however you spell it). Damn weapon want to aggro me as I zone in. I finally get in and anle to throw on a silent oil. That oil didn't last for squat. I rounded the wrong corner and it wore. Lucky I was able to cast sneak instead. That lasted the whole trip with me getting lost in the process.
I made it to the Hall if Gods and teleported to Sky. I took some pics and video with my phone, since we can't screen shot the experience. If this works well, I may take more videos from a real camera if I can do
the coordination.
5-4-10 1
5-4-10 2

After getting my ring, I mailed more stuff to TL, went to Jeuno and logged.

Playing FFXI on an iPad??

An interesting article. Maybe one day to carry around your iPad playing FFXI or FFXIV. But that would be too much right? That would just prove how much of an addict that you are. 

Check out the article.


I think it's nearly 3 years that I have been playing this game. I'm not really sure; time passes really fast. So I have to ask myself, do I still enjoy the game? Even though I haven't been on consistently for I believe 6 months, I do. It's just that my life turned upside down with work. I miss the game, the chatter, the friends I've made. Since I been gone for so long I no longer get my fuzzy greetings I used to get. People I hung around surpassed me and are onto bigger and more end game stuff. Some people left and I didn't have a chance to say good bye.

As I was testing out mule, TL, 2 days ago, I was reminded of all the fun I had running around E Ronf, Latheine and the Dunes as a newbie to the game. I remembered all the missions I did. It was fun. Like a kid
who just got a brand new toy. Remember avoiding Battering Rams in Latheine. The Bogeys in Qufim. That was some heart pounding fun.

Now....my heart pounding comes from dealing with that old man. And it is not fun. It's rather frustrating. He irritates me soo much. My natural instincts is to avoid people or things that irritate me, but that old man will go down eventually. I'm not pressuring myself. The more pressure, the least likely I'm gonna win the fight. I need to be calm and relaxed. However, when I zone to he burning circle, my heart starts to race and my tummy gets all irritated. So much for pressure, right?

Now what frustrates me in the game is the drama of strong personalities. I try to be nice to everyone. No use of me being bitchy and difficult. It's unfortunately a small world on the server. Everyone knows who you are by seven degrees. Yeah, I forgot the saying, sue me. Anyway, but being bitchy and over dramatic. I really
don't want to hear about a person before I meet them. I like to form my own opinion. However, you have a tendency to like whomever your friends like a then you form a clique.

I've been in a lot of cliques during my time in the game. At one point it was Titen, Kirinkage and myself. Then it was Inchigo, Zeeone, Fawnaa and myself. Then Olibear and Oliphant joined us. Then it was just Inchigo and me. Then it was Ghostdawg and me. Then it was Kainbelmont, Frizzlefry and me. Then just Kain and me. But my most consistent clique member is my bro Kirinkage.

I try to do my job in the game well. I haven't really heard any bad feedback except for the person I blacklisted and that was not because I was not doing my job. He wasn't doing his. So I think I'm doing a
pretty good job at my role except for Maat and that's just a whole different ball game.

I do get bored with my job. That's when I'm forced to into a role where I'm just doing one thing over and over again. Boring. I chose RDM because of the versatility. It can fight, enfeeble, cure, and enhance. But I get around the hard times by thinking I'm helping out friends.

I absolutely hate soloing. I can only do about an hour of it.  I'd rather duo or party. If I wanted to solo, I'd go play another game, right? Anyway, so much has happened and I'm not bored at all in this game. I just wish I had the same amount of time in the game as I used to. I will work out a way.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet TigerLeigh

So I've been playing for nearly 3 years and I am running out of room. I get a lot of Crystals. I really don't want to throw them out. I will eventually need them. I used to just sell them off but would have to purchase them when I needed them. I dob't want to waste my hard earned gil on Crystals that are free. I'd spend $1 for 60 slots on another character. That said....

Meet TigerLeigh.
5-3-10 4

I had thought about getting another Elvaan. Then I thought about Mithra. Hume and Galka just wasn't in the cards. I don't connect with them. I'm "Hume" in real life so why be one in game. No imagination. Galkas are male only. I'm not into cosplay are have any desire to pretend to be a man. So my options were Taru or Mithra. I chose Taru because they are just so darn cute. And it gives me a different perspective on the game.

TL is a THF. Not the typical mage job. I figured eventually I'd use her to farm items. That will be a long time from now though. I haven't accomplished enough with TK. So I decided to try her out. I ran out to the exit in Port Windurst to do a FOV page. I had to kill 6 Mandragora mobs. I find one and it seriously gave me a run for my money, but I beat it.
5-3-10 3
5-3-10 1
5-3-10 2
Second one was easy. The 3rd one had me use my 2hr to zone. I completely forgot that I have no subjob to help me cure my ass.

What was I thinking? So I stayed in the city. I'll finish another day. I went to collect the crystals I sent from TK. Then logged. I don't know when TL will have any adventures, but for now she's my permanent housekeeper.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Overthrowing The Weekend

I get onnpreparing to fix up my Maat macros. Instead I decided to go to Garlaige Citadel to give Romidant some experience. I haven't calledhim out in a while.

I checked my delivery box in Jeuno before I left and found my Wootz ore sold. It's not as high in price like it used to be. And when I exited the mog house in Port Jeuno my Tuku Whiteshells sold. I'm saving for my overpriced high level gear if I ever get high level. I will be selling all of my low level gear.

Anyway, I jumped off topic again. So I ran off to he Shitadel and met up wih Kirinkage. He was doing his sword trials there. We reach the basement. We party up and start killing. I called Romi out. He got
some new nice gear. Me likes. We kill beetles and pots. Romi leveled to 35 and Kirinkage's Nanako
leveled to 41. If you remember, we both got our NPCs together. He uses her more often than me.

While we were fighting, an old ls mate Lordbrax came on ls to see if anyone could help him with an HNM called Overlord Bag..., something. Big orc wearing gold. I said I would help him when I was finish what I was doing here and getting something to eat.

When all said and done, I go look for LB in Davoi. I get to where he is. It was not as bad getting there with
composure. I'd probably be kicking myself if I didn't have it on. The only familiar face besides LB was Zebrina. More people were coming. LB needed an alliance. Kirin came too when Earthsday was done.

Okay.... so this what had happened right. Lol. It was not the best group of people. Someone got trigger happy and got the HNM on us when we were not even prepared. Some people died, I zoned. Then some other
person got trigger happy again got 2 orcs and a regular NM. People died, I zoned. Now everyone is ready and prepared. They go grab HNM but got like 3 addons. Needless to say, people died, I zoned.

While people were resting, I got mom aggro. I come back and they decide to fight further inside. I don't know if I liked the idea. I mean it was further from zone. So I meet hem at the new camp. Before anyone can say "hi" someone aggro'd the HNM. However, this time we ended up killing HNM and his addons. I was hoping that it would drop a piece of Rianbow cloth but it didn't drop anything worthwhile. So I warped home after fight and logged.

I get on just for dynamis. It was Xarcabard. The run went pretty well. I only died once. Just as I was heading off, BLM and PLD relic dropped. After I completely shutdown the RDM relic hat dropped. Shadee actually got it. I wouldn't even got it if I was still playing. Oh well. Congrats Shadee.